Welcome to Otacho Good Hope School. Thank you for visiting and hearing our story. We are an orphanage for African children run by Pastor Nashon and his wife Judith.

Pastor Nashon and Judith got married in the year 1995. We have been maried for the last 15 years a go. We are Christian faithfuls, living in Migori Town, we are serving under Victorious church of Jesus both in Migori Town and at the Continue ...

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About the webmaster:

My name is Ken and and I'm a Christian living in Washington State. I have built this website with the hope of helping Pastor Nashon get exposure for the needs of the many children he cares for. I met Pastor Nashon in 2009, by God's grace, and have grown to know him through email and by letter, and am trying to assist him now with fundraising for the orphanage. Please consider sending a monetary donation. He has very limited resources available to him, but can be reached at the address and phone number above. Pastor Nashon's email is: otachochildrenshome@yahoo.com.